North Charleston Sex Crime Lawyer - Rad S. Deaton

Sex crime cases are unique in many ways and require expertise, and proven defense strategies known by lawyers with vast experience in this area of law. So, either you or someone dear to you is accused of committing a sex crime, just do not panic or lose hope because accused does not mean guilty. Rad S. Deaton is a experienced criminal defense lawyer, focused on helping the people of South Carolina, emphasizing criminal defense, visit our office today to protect your rights. You can call for free consultation - 843-225-5723 or reach our firm website - Working Hours - Monday-Friday: 8:30am – 5:30pm Saturday: By Appointment Sunday: By Appointment After Hours - Phone : 843-557-6852 Fax : 843-225-3388 *Please copy and paste the above URL if its not working
Updated 12-Jun-2018